Interview With Daniel Breech

I recently got a chance to do an interview with Daniel Breech, owner of tech site and now, ex-gaming site

He had some pretty interesting insights about blogs, the tech industry and gaming. Check it out.


Q: Hey Dan, so how long have you been building websites?

A: Since about 2012. Just a bit of every thing.


Q: Cool. So what about Breech? You’ve been on a bit of a journey with it, right?

A: Yeah, originally the idea was to create a site about games that I liked playing and a few hardware reviews. Nothing crazy, but just create a gaming site for people who aren’t into the AAA stuff, but equally don’t like the really indie scene. Somewhere in the middle is where I think players like me would be classed.


Q: So what changed? How come you moved the site towards tech more?

A: Honestly I wrote something like 60 gaming articles, and nobody cared. I’ve built a lot of sites, this one was a lot of effort and the absolute least reward in terms of any kind of validation. I suppose I realised that gaming blogs were on the way out. People want to watch Vloggers and Streamers now. New gaming blogs have no chance when they’re competing with them as well as the giants of the blogging-era who are still very much producing content. You probably could crack it, but it would require a lot of money and quite frankly I’m not so rich that I can afford to throw money at something to make it successful.

Q: That’s a really interesting way of looking at it, honestly the internet is full of dead gaming sites. So instead of just killing it off you decided to pivot? Become a tech site and go from there?

A: Like I said I was creating some tech and hardware reviews on the site to supplement the gaming stuff. Those articles were the ones actually getting clicks, visitors and paying the hosting of the site. Nothing crazy, I wasn’t even earning enough to withdraw any “earnings”, but the site had so much effort put into it I couldn’t just give up on it. I decided I should run with what was working.


Q: So how is Breech doing today?

A: It’s doing a lot better, it’s getting a few thousand visits per month which isn’t a lot, but that’s still a fair bit compared to before. I think that the best thing about it is that I’m only reviewing tech I actually try. So the site doesn’t get updated as frequently, but at the same time that’s better for me since sites that aren’t completely setup to profit over everything else, shouldn’t take up most of my time. Mouths to feed etc etc.

Q: So it seems like it pays for itself, and you just write on there when you feel like it or when you can?

A: That’s pretty much it. I’m hoping to spend more time on it later this year, but right now I just do enough to keep it going. Unfortunately, sites that don’t get updated as often do even worse on sites like Google. So it’s just something you have to accept. You can’t run a blog for profit anymore unless you can keep feeding it content and pick the right sector or “niche” to begin with.


Q: Here on Snarbsoft I’ve not updated the site very often, but I’m trying to take an interest in doing interviews now. Do you have any advice?

A: Basically you just need to be relentless at it, and make sure you pick an area or topic you want to talk about. So talking to people who build sites is a really cool idea, and you could probably even do a podcast. The thing is you’ve got to accept that running a blog for passion rarely equals money these days. It’s too dependent on search traffic, which is almost completely monopolized these days. Plus some niches, just don’t translate to searches. So yeah blogs are kind of dead compared to video, podcast etc etc when it comes to passion topics. I run Breech on a blog because that’s the way it always was. If I was serious about it now, I would probably go and do video.


Q: So you’re saying that blogging is dead?

A: For the average person, for the hobby blogger yeah it is. Even if it’s not about the money you’ll be lucky to get anyone ever read it regularly now.


Q: That’s really interesting. I’ll definitely think about doing a podcast instead.

A: Yeah or a chat show haha

Q: Thanks Dan

A: It was good talking to you!